Introducing Micaela Olson and our Mind and Move program!


I am a Registered Psychiatric Nurse with 23 years of experience as a mental health therapist, certified conflict mediator, and emotionally focused therapy (EFT) certified couples’ therapist. I’m passionate about helping you through your life transitions. I love helping seniors (both in clinic or in-home therapy), adults, couples and mature minor teens who are experiencing grief, stress, illness, chronic pain, addictions, high conflict, relationship challenges, separation or divorce. I can help you navigate a new transition in life such as menopause, parenthood, marriage, empty nesting, a new job, health concerns or loss of any kind.

I want to help you live a life that you love! As a Psychiatric Nurse, I have the education and expertise to help you through all of your current struggles. I have decades of therapy, mediation and emotionally focused skills to help you find a life that you are passionate about. I believe in a holistic approach to care where a healthy diet and lifestyle may be used to improve your overall mental health. I am currently undergoing my certification with AFLCA to become a personal fitness trainer/coach and am excited to enhance my practices to help people move better and feel better. We can work together to build understanding and skills that will help you transform your mind and body.

I have a heart full of compassion, love and acceptance for everything that life hands us. I’m genuine, kind and selfless and do my therapy with lighthearted interaction and empathy.

I see my clients weekly knowing everyone struggles at times and it’s our journey that creates the most magnificent beauty of who we are. It is an honour to walk beside people as they find their path! No one technique can be labeled, but rather felt. I believe in multiple approaches to care that fit each individual.

Let’s chat and choose the best therapy modality(s) for you. I am skilled in various avenues of therapy.

Adult and Teen Therapy

50-minute sessions

You will become aware of what is holding you back and face those challenges with bravery to explore the numerous ways to deal with life challenges. Identify your areas of strength and let them take charge of what you are struggling with. Let’s integrate your mind, body and soul with your emotional, physical and spiritual hardships. You will begin to understand how you view things, how your body feels and what your patterns in life are saying to you. I believe that physical and mental health have a strong correlation to each other. We can conquer one or both avenues depending on your needs.

Couples Counselling

75-minute sessions

Using emotionally-focused therapy you will learn how to connect deeply with your partner and become closer than ever imagined. This process helps get to the root of your issues, understand your emotions and improve your communication with each other. You will discover what's important to you by exploring the emotions at the root of your issues both individually and in your relationship.


3-hour one-time session

Mediation is a powerful technique that can be used when tensions are high within marital conflict, parenting agreements, sibling rivalry or family feuds. I can help you find a common goal to reduce this tension and work towards a satisfying resolution for all parties involved. This technique is a one-time service that helps all parties find common ground and begin to move forward. This is not a legally binding agreement but it can help reduce expensive legal fees when presented to your legal advisors.

In-home therapy services are available for local seniors or for those who are physically compromised.